Resetting Toolkit V7 workspace

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Step 1:

restoreDefault.bat - This script will delete WCS test server wasprofile, database and workspace
and re-create them

WebSphere Commerce Developer will be restored to the default settings.
All changes will be lost.
Type YES (case-sensitive) to confirm: YES

C:\ibm\WCDE_ENT70\logs\setup.log to ensure TASK was completed successfully

Step 2:

resetdb.bat - This script will reset the Derby database to bootstrap configuration
NOTE: This script works only for embedded Apache Derby database.

Your Cloudscape database will be reset back to bootstrap.
This means that you will lose all changes that have been made.
Type YES (case sensitive) to confirm the reset: YES

Step 3:

resetstores.bat -  This script resets the Stores Web module in your workspace to its bootstrap configuration
Your Stores project will be reset back to bootstrap.
This means that you will lose all changes that have been made.
Type YES (case sensitive) to confirm the reset: YES

Step 4:

Bring back to old fix pack level
updatedb completed. Please check c:\ibm\WCDE_E~1\logs\updatedb.log for detail.

Step 5:

Start RAD and validate that you are not able to see the bootstrap OOB stores,
Publish the WC app from TEST server and increase the JVM heap before moving on to enable features

NOTE: SOLR search which get's enabled as part of "store-enhancements" feature needs slightly higher heap
size to begin with, you may notice an outofmemory error if you try to enable this feature without increasing the heap size.

You can increase min and max heap either from WAS admin console or by directly editing the configuration file which is located at
Look for following lines.
<jvmEntries xmi:id="JavaVirtualMachine....

make sure you include following entries.
initialHeapSize="800" maximumHeapSize="1512"

Step 6:

Re-enable features "store-enhancements" will enable foundations and management center as well

c:\ibm\WCDE_ENT70\bin>enableFeature.bat -DfeatureName=store-enhancements

Step 7:

Publish your choice of starter store from Commerce Admin console, for instance you can publish ExtendedSitesV2 which is available with Feature pack 5, this will publish Aurora B2C starter store and a sample B2B store 


  1. Your steps are good. But you should clarify that this will set you up to derby db. If a user wants to do this for an oracle or db2 database, then they need to run setdbtype prior updatedb

  2. Hi Hari,
    Why do we need to run resetstore when restoreDefault has already brought the store module to default.

  3. restoreDefault will bring it to OOB level with Sample stores published, as you could see this OOB code in Stores web module after restoreDefault is run. resetdb and resetstores will clean all/any published stores from Stores web module and DB.

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